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About Us

My Cavin's is the first retail brand from the diary division and joins the long line of successful chain of business. It is Retail space that combines Cold products shopping with a good set of western food. It is a hang out place for all groups of customers. The store will sell All Cavinkare's popular and new cold range products starting from the evergreen Cavin's Milkshake to the recent H Milk. Not just being a neighborhood store, it will also be a part of the customers celebration days by serving some of the best cakes in the City. Of all this being a USP by itself, the one that will stand out is the ability of the store to sell Freshly made subs and rolls in front of the customers. The customer can choose from various breads and rolls, add different types of veg and non veg fillers followed by a generous spread of fresh cut vegetables along with a wide range of sauces. To make the experience even more satisfying there is a wide range of Ice cream and monster shakes that they can choose from. All of this in one roof and the best part is affordability, The brand has always focused on serving everyone and all the products in the new store has also been defined by keeping that in mind.

Cavin Kare

In today's world a 360 degree to the brand is crucial. Cavin's has its wings widespread in FMCG market and is dominating in beverage section so the next logical step in this line would be to have a store that highlights it's pride

With food retail growing day by day, it is important that big brand's like Cavin's get an early start. We are launching this venture now as we want the cavins brand to reach multiple customer touch points because the brand Cavins is aggressively expanding throughout India.

There is unfortunately no brands that are exact competitors for this model, but from a very broad angle we can consider Aavin Junction, Subway and Ibacco, French loaf

It brings all the right products under one roof. Today subway is considered more like a youth hangout point, An ibacco is looked as a ice cream parlor, A French loaf is looked as bakery and Aavin junction is looked as a retail space that mid age people use as a hangout. My Cavins will combine them all we will serve products from Coffee to chaat to cakes to subs to ice cream to shakes to a small My Cain's milkshake. Our doors are open to all age groups and all types of people.

We serve
All range of Cavins FMCG product - Milk, H milk, milk shake, soft drinks, Panner, curd, ghee & butter. There is much more to come and we will keep adding
Range of packed products - different types of cookies, Dry cakes
Cakes - fresh crem, fondant and butter cream
Subs - Breads with meat, veg fillings and fresh cut vegetables dressed with tasty sauce
Rolls- crispy rolls with meat, vegetable and tasty sauce
Ice cream - a wide range of scoop icreams with various garnish
Shakes - From healthy to Monster, we cover them all
Pasta - freshly made pasta dipped in finest Sause & with a melted cheese on top

All cold chain food products will be available. list is shared in the menu given

The pricing is crafted in such a way that any one can be our customer. My Cavins has product starting from Just Rs 10. In comparison to our individual competitors, we are way cheaper but by still maintaining a superior quality. Just to give an idea, we have starting ranges in
Beverages at Rs 10
Chat items at Rs 30
Ice creams at Rs 50
Subs at Rs 70
Rolls at Rs 80
Cakes at Rs 300

Our aim is to reach as many people as possible, so we will quickly fine tune the model and aggressively expand through out india

The decor reflects the intersection of a walk in store and cafe, and is inspired by the small bakeries and stores seen in Europe. It has areas for packed products, dine-in and easily accessible counters for customers who would want to grab and go. It has a blue and white theme to reflect the branding of the chain along with quirky chalkboard graphics to make the customers feel welcome. The aspiration is for the store to become a go to neighbourhood meeting place for customers across age groups.

KK nagar, Ashok Nagar and surroundings are the ideal location for the Launch of My cavins. It is one of the few location in Chennai that catches the core of the brand - “A family friendly hangout place”. The location is a combination of all - Schools, college, office space, residence, supermarkets and theater. We as a brand will be opening more stores similar to this location where there is a fusion of all types of people.

Any one who is looking for a quick dairy product shopping, Made to eat fresh subs and rolls, cool and tangy beverage along with some delicious cakes are our potential customers. If we have to be specific. The following will be the split up
We will mainly focus on Family crowd and H1

  • No.1065, Munusamy Salai, KK Nagar West, K. K. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600078

  • CAVINKARE PRIVATE LIMITED-TRENDS DIVISIONNo 12, Poonthamallee Road, Ekkatuthangal,Chennai - 600032

  • No 1&2,GK industrial estate,Ganesh Nagar main road,Alapakkam,Chennai-600118.